Sparrow's Spring Clinical Services
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What can I expect from therapy?


Sessions usually run about 50 minutes. 

Before we start our very first session, you will fill out some paperwork (I will send you a link to a secure client portal via your email address so you can conveniently fill the intake paperwork out. You may do this on your laptop or once you log into the secure phone app). In session, we will discuss safety and confidentiality. Please bring your health insurance card, if you want to use your benefits. 

We will use one to three sessions to assess your presenting issue, history, needs, and goals. You will be asked about your current concern(s) that brought you to therapy and what you hope will happen through our sessions. We will talk about your history (family dynamics, significant relationships, career, mental health) and your current situation (strengths, supports, stressors). Since this might feel like this is an unusual setting in which you are opening up to someone new, I welcome any feedback from you so feel most at ease and safe.

After the initial assessment phase, we will honestly evaluate if we are a good fit for each other. If not, we will discontinue services and you will receive help finding another provider. If we both decide to move forward with therapy, I will discuss my impressions with you and how I think I can be of service to you. At any point, you may ask questions and discuss any concerns you might have. If we work together, we will meet once per week initially; possibly twice weekly, if that is what you need. As time goes on, we will assess how often to connect and may decide to reduce our sessions to every other week or less—until we are ready to end our sessions together.