Sparrow's Spring Clinical Services
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About Sparrow's Spring


At Sparrow’s Spring, each session is individually tailored to your story.

Together, we assess what you need to take the next courageous step toward your goals. We offer you the safe space to process, grow and heal. You bring yourself: Your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears. And together, we craft a path that makes sense for you. Depending on your needs, our sessions will provide guidance, education, rest, encouragement, and above all else, hope.
Hope that your hard work will pay off. Hope that someone gets you. Hope that change is possible.

Sparrow's Spring is the calm you need, if you desire expertise in relationships, with worries and life transitions, when feeling overwhelmed and joyless, struggling with toxic relationships and boundary setting, when dealing with grief, shame, guilt, image management and perfectionism.

If this is your experience, you are welcome here.